How to Draw a Bow Step by Step Drawing [Guide]

Bows and strips are an incredible method for adding character to your haircuts, rather than drawing normal hairpins you can add a portion of these adorable bows! Shooting a recurve bow requires a couple of steps for each shot to go off as effectively as could be expected. Contrasted with compound How to Draw a Bow, recurves require greater arrangement and execution to hit the center reliably. The steps we’ll audit don’t portray how everybody should shoot a recurve, yet they can assist you with learning crucial pieces of the interaction worth accomplishing.

Might you want to figure out How to Draw a Bow? Perhaps you need to improve a birthday card or hello card an extraordinary message and a beautiful bow to go with your high quality present? Then, at that point, you will find precisely the thing you’ve been searching for.

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How to Draw a Bow
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How to Draw a Bow
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We’ve assembled a basic and straightforward drawing instructional exercise that will show you precisely how to draw a beautiful bow or bow tie in only a couple of fast steps.

Whenever I originally had a go at drawing a bow, it appeared to be so troublesome however whenever you have drawn the initial step, its remainder turns out to be so natural and tomfoolery. You’ll before long end up drawing bows all around your journal.

You can see a see of all of the drawing steps in the picture How to Draw a Rainbow. The bow tie shown is exceptionally straightforward. However, the last models shows how you can add some exceptionally essential concealing to make the drawing look not so much level but rather more intriguing.

Begin the instructional exercise in pencils and make light lines that you can without much of a stretch delete (if there should be an occurrence of a misstep). You can obscure them later on with a dark pen/marker.

How to Draw a Bow Step by Step

Step 1 – Draw the Center/Knot of the Bow Tie

Start the drawing by laying out the bunch at the focal point of the bow tie. You can draw every one of it’s sides with a pleasant smooth bend and give the shape fairly adjusted corners.

Draw a crate that has the general extents and viewpoint of your desired How to Draw a Bow. Utilizing rules makes it a lot more straightforward to figure out how to draw and retain how to draw a topic.

Add a few lines showing the middle mark of the 4 lines that make the container, we will utilize these lines to put the middle bunch of the bow.

Step 2 – Draw the First Loop

How to Draw a Bow

Emerging from one side of the bunch draw the principal circle of the tie. Make it smaller towards the bunch and more extensive as it goes. You can again draw it as set of genuinely smooth and bended lines and give it adjusted corners.

Draw a little box in the rule box that has adjusted edges, this is the focal point of the bow. Focus on the position and size of this case, it’s somewhat taller than it is wide.

I have viewed that adjusted bows tend as somewhat cuter so I need to ensure there is adequate space for the adjusted corners of the bow.

Step 3 – Draw the Second Loop

Like the main circle draw the second one on the opposite side of the bunch. The circles don’t should be entirely balanced however for a more pleasant looking bow tie you really do need them to be comparative in shape.

Adding the external types of the container by drawing lines that move slantingly outwards from the middle box and afterward bend around at the sides of the crate. Note that the edges of the bow don’t contact the internal corners of the container How to Draw a Bow.

Rehash this step for the contrary side also. At the point when you draw this step in alternate points of view, one of the sides will be bigger than the other however since we are confronting this bow straight on they will be of comparative size.

Step 4 – Add Some Wrinkles/Folds & Finish the Line Drawing

How to Draw a Bow

To complete the line some portion of the drawing first give the bow tie a couple of folds/wrinkles. Add these in a manner where they seem as though they are emerging from the bunch. Attempt and make them somewhat unique on each side with the goal that they don’t look balanced.

Step 5 – Add Colors and Complete Bow Tie Drawing

You might see that the hued drawing in the past step looks a piece plain and somewhat level. You can fix this by giving the tie some extremely basic concealing as shown in the model above.

Since you have characterized the state of the bow, you can add concealing and shading as you would prefer. You can find in the model how the features are towards. The highest point of the bow and the shadows towards the base.

Go ahead and avoid this step assuming that you are centered around rehearsing. The general structure and dont need to invest an excessive amount of energy concealing.

Utilize either a hazier blue or even only an ordinary pencil to obscure the regions around the folds/wrinkles. Make the shadows thicker towards the bunch and more slender close to the closures of the flaw lines. You can expand the concealing somewhat past the kinks. You can likewise give a flimsy segment of concealing to the bunch at the top and base.


This instructional exercise shows How to Draw a Bow basic however pleasant looking bow tie. As was referenced toward the beginning of the instructional exercise and is shown in the last model. Some extremely basic concealing can cause a generally level looking drawing. To seem significantly seriously intriguing and three layered. At a similar it likewise doesn’t need a lot of additional work.