How to Draw a Ribbon – A Complete Easy Drawing

Step 6 – Draw the Dimensions on the Left Side

How to Draw a Ribbon

In this step, you will make your ribbon practical by adding an overlay to the top.

Draw a bended line associating the upper left of the segment you attracted on Step 2 to the upper left piece of the part you drew on Step 1.

Step 7 – Draw the Dimensions on the Right Side

In this step, you will essentially rehash what you did in Step 6.

However, this time, you will do it for the right part (the one you drew on Step 3).

Step 8 – Add Some Patterns on the Bow of the Ribbon

How to Draw a Ribbon

You will make the ribbon look more reasonable by adding a “tight bunch” impact.

You will draw short bended lines in two ways: evenly on the external edge of the How to Draw a Ribbon and in an upward direction inside a similar square.

Step 9 – Add Some Patterns on the Laces of the Ribbon

You will rehash what you did on Step 8.

Be that as it may, this time, you will add longer bended, corner to corner lines inside the areas you drew on Steps 4 and 5, as found in the delineation.

It’s chance to make this ribbon look prettier than it right now looks by adding shading! Add colors of red or pink on all areas of the ribbon.

Step 10 – Fill the Color in Ribbon

How to Draw a Ribbon

Have you ever seen someone wearing a colored ribbon pinned to their lapel? Or perhaps an image of such a ribbon on a brooch, a t-shirt, or a car decal? Awareness ribbons can also be traced further in history. Soldiers, for instance, often wore sashes or neckerchiefs of a certain color, such as yellow.

Color your cartoon of an awareness ribbon. In our illustration, we’ve shaded it pink, which stands for breast cancer awareness. If you don’t want to invest in those, any pen, pencil, marker or colored pencil would be perfect for these banners.

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