How to Draw a Guitar – Step By Step Drawing

The bridge ought to be situated in the center in the middle of the sound opening and the edge of the body.

Step 6 – Add the Left Tuning Pegs

How to Draw a Guitar

Draw three little circle shapes on the passed on side of the headstock to make the tuning pegs. There ought to be a slight hole between the pegs and the headstock.

Thereafter, interface the tuning pegs to the headstock by drawing short level lines in the middle.

Step 7 – Complete the Set of Tuning Pegs

Rehash the past step on the contrary side of the headstock. There should be three of them on both sides of the headstock.

Round out the straight guide lines by drawing curved lines across them. Connect the headstock and the neck using short lines. Draw six small circles on the head stock. These connect the strings and the tuning keys. Below the central guide line of the large circle, draw a narrow rectangle. This indicates the bridge, to which the strings are attached.

Step 8 – Add the String Posts on the Headstock

How to Draw a Guitar

Draw six straight lines from the circles of the bridge to the base of the head stock. Then, draw a line from each string to the small circles on the stock.

Draw a curved line to round the top of the head stock. Draw straight lines across the neck to form the frets. Outline a partial teardrop shape around the sound hole and the strings to form the pickguard.

Draw six little circles inside the headstock. Every one of the circles should be lined up with every one of the tuning pegs.

Step 9 – Draw All the Strings of the Guitar

Presently, to at last finish the guitar drawing, we will How to Draw a Guitar strings of the guitar. Draw six vertical lines beginning from the circle shapes inside the headstock stretching out right down to the bridge. Each string should be appended to each string post in the headstock.

Here, you can see the guitar is almost wrapped up! The main thing it’s missing is a sprinkle of various colors to finish your work of art! Now it’s time to work on the rest of the guitar drawing. You’ll want to draw two long lines in angle which cuts through the center of the guitar’s body and the the top of the circle you had previous drawn.

At long last, here is the most interesting part-filling in the colors for your magnificent drawing! Here you can show off your creative abilities and your capacity to blend and match different colors.

Step 10 – Add Color in Guitar Drawing

How to Draw a Guitar

And your guitar drawing is complete. For this one, you can choose any colors you would like to have for your guitar but you could also decorate it further by drawing stars or even writing a special quote. It’s totally up to you.

It exists in essentially every color, with dark, brown, and cream being the most well-known. Along these lines, assuming you have a most loved color, all things considered, there is a guitar with that color.

Go ahead and color your How to Draw a Guitar utilizing any colors you like and watch as your drawing eventually becomes animated! And keeping in mind that you’re busy, why not take a stab at exploring different avenues regarding different coloring materials, for example, watercolor and brush pens too?