How to draw a Joker Pencil Sketch [EASY DRAWING] Step by Step

Start drawing the Joker with a pencil sketch. In the early phases, don’t push down too hard. Utilize light, smooth strokes for sketching.

The Joker from the DC funnies Batman is one of those super villains who are cool to the point that they are equally (or much more) famous as their superhuman counterparts. And his popularity went up how to draw How to Draw or Make a Sketch of Batman an indent with his portrayal in the Dark Night Series by the Hollywood actor Heath Ledger. Here, you can attempt a portrait of Ledger’s avatar of the Joker. Adhere to the step-by-step directions and see what you can achieve.

To draw the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series, start with an oval in the page. You want to know how to draw Goku Cartoon Sketch the oval consummately. This is only a guide for the Joker’s head.

 draw a Joker Pencil Sketch Easy Step by Step

Next, draw a vertical line near the correct side of the oval and a horizontal line near the top. Draw the lines so they bend and contour to the shape of the oval. These are development lines that will assist you how to draw joker suicide squad with placing the Joker’s features later on.

Start with an oval, as you accomplish for any character drawing, along with two converging line inside it for facial rules.


draw a Joker Pencil Sketch

Presently, carefully check how the shape of his face, his cheek bones and jaw, has been drawn over the diagram made in step 1. Follow the image and do likewise.

Draw a bended line directly underneath the Joker’s nose making sure it stretches out to one side of his face however doesn’t overlap his nose. Draw another similar-looking bend beneath the first. This will frame Joker’s mouth. The final product should resemble a sickle moon on its side.

 draw a Joker Pencil Sketch Face

Encase the Joker’s hair utilizing a progression of bended lines. Notice the adjusted indention on the forehead, and how the hair on top of the head structures locks with sharp focuses.

Sketch a triangular shape just underneath the neck, framing the collar of the garment. At that point, draw bended lines alongside the nose and corner of the mouth, transforming the grin into an insane snarl.

Utilizing rules from the past steps draw the face. Speaking of hairstyle, we note that it ought to be how to draw realistic joker face toward the hair roots to the tips. At the point when you will draw the eyes, remember the wrinkles located in their corners – they impeccably capture the pressure of the face, which happens during an unnatural grin.

draw a Joker Pencil Sketch

Also, draw a Joker Pencil Sketch a large, pointed nose and ears, remember the standard of extents – the tip of the nose ought to be in the same plane with the cut tips of hair. Draw the mouth bended in an unnatural grin. And remember to draw the wrinkles around the mouth.

With long queues, draw a Joker Pencil Sketch stripes on the pants. Shadows in today’s drawing made in the funnies style, which means that they are contrasting and catchy. Best to add them in two stages – first blueprint the contours of the shadows, and then cover it by close, extreme shading.