How to Draw a Robot – Step by Step Guide

Would you be able to envision How to Draw a Robot incredible it is have your very own robot? Notwithstanding how far innovation has moved as of late, the possibility of having an individual robot companion is as yet not a reality, and that is a genuine disgrace!

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How to Draw a Robot
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How to Draw a Robot
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There are many, a wide range of ways of drawing a robot, and heaps of youngsters’ books expounded on them. Indeed, assuming you really want to pick a task that beginnings with a story, a robot topic is a decent spot to begin.

Squares, square shapes and circles are expected to figure out draw a Robot that resembles a reasonable machine! For sure, drawing an animation robot is a simple errand in the event that you definitely know how to draw a couple of essential shapes. However, drawing a “cool” robot is more troublesome in the event that you don’t have a lot of involvement in animation characters. Utilizing this drawing illustration, I will show you how novices can accomplish something incredible utilizing a couple of basic methods. How about we start now!

Train your children draw a Hamster and utilize fun metallic paints and pastels to add clean and sparkle. Almost certainly utilizing shapes to draw you robots considers an extraordinary association with math yet that is not my inspiration. For my purposes, everything without question revolves around the creative mind.

How to Draw A Robot

Step 1 – Draw a Face for Robot

For this aide on how to draw a robot, it will be extremely useful for you to have a ruler available, as there will be many straight lines in this drawing.

To get started, essentially draw a square shape that appears as though a square on a square shape with no line partitioning them. Then, at that point, draw two square shapes on each side of the head as they show up in the reference picture.

In this step of your robot drawing, we will plan a face for your robot. For the mouth, basically draw an adjusted square shape, then, at that point, draw a line matrix inside it to make teeth that resemble lines of lights or fastens.

Cool! We should start this drawing example with the making of an enormous oval shape to outline the head. Beneath the head, draw a little square shape to frame the neck. At long last, draw a little square to show the body.

Then, at that point, draw a square shape over this to encompass the eyes, which you can draw for certain circles. You can likewise add a few additional circles over the eye region for a few additional subtleties to truly finish off this step.

Step 2 – Draw a body for your robot

How to Draw a Robot

We will draw the body for your image in this third step of our aide on how to draw a robot. To start with, draw a little, level square shape to frame the neck of your robot. Then, at that point, you can draw a square for the body.

When you have the diagram for the body, you can draw a few fun subtleties to it. You can do this by drawing a square shape inside the body for certain lines within it for certain circles also. These sorts of subtleties will make it seem as though your robot is shrouded in lights and fastens!

A square head, rectangular body, and half circle hands are largely recognizable shapes and great ones to rehearse when in kinder or 1st grade or somewhere in the vicinity. They make for a decent strong beginning of a drawing, and are not difficult to enliven. You can even include a little body.

Step 3 – Add Two Arms of Robot

Your robot drawing needs a few appendages, so we will begin to draw some in this step. As you can find in the reference picture, the arm will be produced using a few distinct shapes.

For your robot drawing, you can likewise add or eliminate subtleties to or from the arm to suit the plan that you would like. In any case, assuming that you truly do follow the aide then the arm will be comprised of bunches of straight, square lines with some pincer shapes for the hands.

In step 5 of our aide on how to draw a robot, we will repeat what we did in the past one. You could likewise change its point on the off chance that you might want to make it seem as though your robot is waving!

On the top of the robot, draw a little radio wire utilizing a slender square shape and a little circle. The arms are made with since a long time ago bended lines and the hands are made from little roundabout shapes with a missing piece.

Step 4 – Draw the Two Legs of your Robot

How to Draw a Robot

You have a few arms for your robot drawing, so for this step how about we add the primary leg. You can draw a few lines across the leg piece to make the leg look bendy.

You’ve drawn one leg, so presently you can draw the other one in this step of this aide on how to draw a robot. Just recreate the plan of the other foot to have the robot taking care of its own business.

With every one of the appendages drawn, you can continue on to the last step. Before you do, make certain to draw any last subtleties that you think would suit your robot drawing. What fun subtleties do you think would look great for your robot? You could truly utilize your creative mind and thoroughly change the plan of the leg assuming you needed to!

Maybe this robot utilizes a goliath spring or floating innovation rather than legs. How would you feel that this robot would get around assuming it existed, all things considered?

Step 5 – Now Finish off your Robot with some Color

You’ve effectively drawn your robot, so presently you can have a great time coloring it in! Here you can truly get innovative with your color decisions. We’ve shown you how we would color in this charming robot, yet this is your opportunity to show off every one of your cherished colors to finish off your drawing.

This animation robot is most certainly the least demanding one to draw on this site. You can see all steps needed to show this one appropriately assembled into a solitary outline beneath. It’s a decent exercise to assist you with making amazing circles, oval shapes, square shapes, squares and triangles.

I imagine that the more out of control and wackier. The colors are the better it will be for your robot drawing! On the off chance that I were coloring this in. I would involve loads of colored pens and markers for some astounding color brilliance to this picture.

I involved Faber-Castell Gel Sticks for this undertaking. They color like oil pastel however mix like chalk pastel. I needed to acquaint this procedure with my understudies. The metallic rendition of these Gel Sticks are an incredible decision for this task. I additionally positioned some metallic gum based paint on the tables. Loads of decisions!