How to Draw a Skunk Step by Step | Easy Skunk Drawing

Step 2: Start the Curve of the Back. Finish the Leg.

How to Draw a Skunk

Draw a progression of lines that associate the significant shapes to frame the remainder of the body and tail. A few bended lines at the front for the neck and a couple in the center to finish the body. Define a since quite a while ago bended boundary on the upper right side as a guide for the skunk’s tail.

Underscore the body as aides for the skunk’s short legs. Twist the lines a little to demonstrate where the joints will be. That is it for the underlying portrayal! Starting here on, press more enthusiastically with your pencil to get a more characterized sketch.

Expand three bended lines descending from the hands, framing the light underside and the far hip. Utilize a since quite a while ago, bended line to move the skunk’s back and side. At the base, draw a progression of covering “U” molded lines to frame the foot and toes. Over the foot, utilize a “C” molded line to shape the leg, bowed at the knee. Use covering “U” molded lines to draw the excess foot.