How to Draw Biohazard Symbol | Step By Step

If you want to know How to Draw Biohazard Symbol: Step By Step, then this article is for you. It will be a step-by-step guide on how to draw the biohazard symbol from scratch and it is written by someone who has drawn it many times before. The steps are easy and anyone can do them with a little bit of practice.

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The biohazard symbol is a warning sign used to caution individuals about dangerous materials that can pose danger to public health. In 1966, researcher Charles L. Baldwin recognized the importance of creating an easy-to-understand symbol for people working in science and medical fields across all disciplines. Working with his company’s packaging group, he devised a logo that has become widely recognizable today as it appears on laboratories, hospitals and emergency rooms worldwide .

The biohazard symbol is drawn by interlocking circles. It represents hazardous substances that can harm humans, such as radioactive material and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

How to Draw Biohazard Symbol with Compass

Step 1: Draw an Inner Circle with Compass and Outer Circle

The final design may look like a flower. The compass should be set to around 3/8 of an inch for the symbol on 8 1/2 x 11 paper before drawing your circle with it and choosing different colors, patterns or borders that you want to add in order to create something unique.

In How to Draw Biohazard Symbol, the instructions say: “Spot the metal tip of your compass on little opening engraved into paper. Make two circles by placing that spot at equal distances from a center point.” The first circle should have about 1/4″ sweep and second one roughly 15/8″.

We recommend using a ruler to draw two short lines (around 1/8 of an inch long) at the top of the little community circle. Then, at that point, draw two all-the-more short lines of a similar length coming out from the lower right and lower left sides on another comparable circle around 35° – 40° . Begin by drawing in circles in one place & then shading it. You will afterward add three ball like shapes originating from this middle circle!

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Step 2: Draw 3 more Circles as Intersection

How to Draw Biohazard Symbol