How to Draw Butterfly Step By Step Easy [Butterfly Drawing]

There is something about their colors that really stands out and brings life into any piece of art. In this article, we will go through an easy step by step process on how to draw butterfly. There are many reasons why butterflies are so popular. Maybe it’s their delicate beauty and fragility that makes them interesting to look at, or maybe because they’re easy enough for kids yet challenging enough for adults alike. There is a multitude of web tutorials teaching how to draw one easily though we found ourselves too simple (wings with just a couple circles) or too complex (a total ruler with multiple shapes).

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This task should land in the center. The diagram of wings is on the middle aides, to assist students with beginning. There are barely enough shapes inside to give a practical look without getting lost forever in them. This bit by bit drawing instructional exercise will tell you how to draw a simple butterfly. The kind of butterfly this takes after is that of Monarch Butterfly . It requires my step-by-step Monarch Butterflies Painting Tutorial.

When learning how to draw a butterfly, it is important to ensure that the lines are symmetrical. Drawing with pencil first on paper can help you get even and accurate results as long as an eraser is available for correcting any mistakes along the way.How to Draw Butterfly gently with pencil first on a sheet of Learn how to draw eyes easy step by step.

How to Draw a Butterfly:
Butterflies are beautiful, colorful creatures that can make brilliant drawing subjects—their wings have very few complex lines and curves. When you know the basic principles behind butterfly wing drawings, it’s easy to draw an attractive looking one with no artistic training at all.

How to Draw Butterfly Step by Step

Step 1: Draw the Body and Wings on a center line.

A pencil is used for the initial three stages before we begin to draw a butterfly. We first lay out two forewings evenly, lightly pressing down on our paper with a pencil in order not to make any lines too dark and stay consistent throughout these early drawing steps. The outline of the body consists of long thin ovals that are more narrow at one end than another; similar shapes will form wings later during this step-by-step process, as well.

Utilizing your pencil of decision, start portraying the body to draw a Butterfly step by step. Start with a little circle for the head and associate it to an oval-like chest which ought to be double the length of the head. At that point, draw a long and meager midsection that juts marginally toward the end into a bulbous shape.

Step 2: Draw two symmetrical bottom wings