How to Draw Harry Potter – Easy Cartoon Drawing

This new instructional exercise shows to draw a Harry Potter in a genuinely sensible yet straightforward manner, so considerably more youthful rudimentary understudies can track. What’s more on the off chance that it takes mainstream society to make an association with a portion of the more hesitant craftsmen in your room, what difference would it make? You just never realize what may stick, when that association is made.

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How to Draw Harry Potter
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How to Draw Harry Potter
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How to Draw Harry Potter
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Truth be told, when we consider black magic and wizardry, Harry Potter is consequently the main individual that rings a bell. The prominence of Harry Potter is the thing that made this instructional exercise profoundly mentioned. You requested it, so we conveyed.

At last, we have organized a step-by-step instructional exercise on How to Draw Harry Potter summed up in 9 simple and straightforward steps. You can apply these steps whether you need to draw a sensible looking Harry Potter character or an energized one.

It’s our first Harry Potter illustration! We’re so eager to figure out how to draw an animation Harry Potter and Hedwig today. We genuinely want to believe that you are as well! Try not to stress we’ll draw a great deal of different characters soon.

For this illustration you’ll require paper and a marker and something to shading with. We as a rule use Pentel oil pastels however this time we’re utilizing How to Draw a X-Men. We love utilizing oil pastels more than colored pencils, since they mix such a ton better. Pastels are waxy and hard to mix with. I’ll show you what I mean while shading Harry Potter’s jeans.

Draw Harry Potter Step by Step

Step 1 — Let’s get started! Draw Harry Potter’s Scarf

Beginning in your paper, draw a wide sporadic circle to make the blueprint of Harry Potter’s face. Remember that the length of the circle should be generally more extensive than its stature. Then, at that point, draw two bended lines on the two sides of the face to frame the ears. Here is a helpful hint: to guarantee that Harry Potter’s face will be drawn in the center, you can draw an even and an upward line across the paper to be utilized as reference lines.

Right under the face, draw two bended vertical lines that are almost an inch separated. This diagrams the sides of the scarf. Then, at that point, draw a somewhat up bend with both of its closures associated with the upward lines.

Since we have drawn the layout of the scarf, it’s an ideal opportunity to draw the hanging end of the scarf to cause it to show up more practical. Beginning from the left half of the scarf, draw one more two equal marginally bended vertical lines with a straight level line associating the two How to Draw Harry Potter. Try not to stop for a second to tweak the scarf however you like! You can even draw examples and plans on the scarf to make it more fun!

Step 2 — Next, Draw Harry Potter’s Coat and Top

How to Draw Harry Potter

On the two sides of the scarf, draw two equal vertical lines with a straight level line associating the two finishes. When drawn accurately, it should appear as though a moderately greater form of the shape we have drawn for the hanging end of the scarf in the past step.

Remember to do this step on both the left and right half of the scarf. This frameworks the forward portion of Harry Potter’s jacket. Under the scarf and in the middle of the kickoff of the coat, draw two wide “V” lines with one on top of the other. The line at the top ought to be somewhat thicker than the one at the base. This layouts the neckline of the shirt.

A while later, draw two equal level lines beneath the “V” lines we have drawn seconds ago. Like the “V” line, the line at the top should be thicker than the one at the base. This diagrams the sew of the shirt.

Step 3 — Complete Harry Potter’s Outfit and Attach Arms

Since we have wrapped up drawing the top, it’s an ideal opportunity to How to Draw Harry Potter the bottoms and the shoes to finish the look! Underneath the top, draw a couple of pants by drawing a shape that is like how we have drawn the coat in the third step. The trouser leg should be somewhat separated from one another. Then, at that point, right under each trouser leg, draw a sideways oval shape to layout the shoes.

On the two sides of the body, draw the long sleeves of the coat with a couple of hands marginally noticeable toward the finish of every sleeve.

As you can find in this outline, one hand is still on the body while the other one is raised. You can select to follow this delineation or position the arms however you like. In any case, we’re certain your Harry Potter drawing will look comparably astonishing!

Step 4 — Draw Harry Potter’s Hair and Wand and Put on Iconic Glasses

How to Draw Harry Potter

Draw the hair directly over the highest point of the head. Then, at that point, draw pointed bunches of hair close to the brow. Presently, we should continue on to drawing the otherworldly wand. From the clench hand of the lifted hand, draw a sharp stick to make the wand. It should seem as though Harry Potter is holding the wand as his hands are raised.

Underneath the eyebrows, draw two monstrous wonderful circles. How to Draw Harry Potter, at that point, associate the two circles together by drawing a line in the middle of the focal point. Remember to make the framework of the circle thicker to cause the eyeglasses to show up more reasonable.

Step 5 — Draw Harry Potter’s Eyes

Inside the glasses we have drawn in the past step, draw an upstanding oval shape inside each glass focal point to make the eyes. Thereafter, conceal within the eyes while leaving out a small spot unshaded to make a “glimmering eyes” impact.

Furthermore the writing is on the wall; you have effectively drawn the unbelievable person Harry Potter. Presently, all it’s missing is a sprinkle of striking and energetic tones to at long last finish your craftsmanship!

At last, here is the most intriguing part—filling in the tones for your wonderful drawing! Here you can show off your creative abilities and your capacity to blend and match different tones.

Harry Potter initially has dark black hair. He as a rule wears the conventional Hogwarts school uniform, which is dark long coat, and dim top matched with dark pants. The scarf he ordinarily wears is a mix of yellow and red in shading, meaning his home Gryffindor.

Go ahead and shading Harry Potter however you like and utilize any tones you like! And keeping in mind that you’re grinding away, why not take a stab at exploring different avenues regarding diverse shading materials too?

Step 6 — Your Harry Potter Drawing is Complete!

How to Draw Harry Potter

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on How to Draw Harry Potter. With this guide, you can surely draw and color Harry Potter along with its complex features and elaborate details in no time.

And the most fun part is, you can customize its features and play with various colors as much as you like!

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, we’re certain you must be feeling very proud of yourself—as you should be! Completing this Harry Potter drawing is definitely fulfilling.

Make sure to show off your work of art and share it on our Facebook page and on Pinterest. We’re sure it looks amazing!