Learn How to draw a Beautiful Girl Face||Step by Step ~ Pencil Sketch

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw a beautiful girl face? Learn the step-by-step process with this tutorial. Learn all about pencil sketching, shading, and drawing different facial expressions. Follow along with these easy instructions for the perfect portrait.

Assuming an anime character is a young lady and not the hero, they have jobs. To attract these characters naturally can be difficult. This instructional exercise provides tips for drawing an attractive female character’s face from various angles along with suggestions on how to position them in drawings using examples of popular series like Sailor Moon and Naruto.

The following character is what you might call an “excellent young lady”. While the extents in this instructional exercise can help accomplish the look, there are many more approaches to draw such a character. The rest of this article consolidates great drawing techniques that apply to workmanship.

Draw a Beautiful Girl Face Sketch

Draw an oval and separation it into 3 areas to make the head. Make the oval marginally rounder than you regularly would since young ladies will in general have rounder countenances than young men. To isolate the oval into 3 segments, start by drawing a flat line through the middle. At that point, Draw Anime Face Step by Step

subsequent flat line through the midpoint between the main line you drew and the lower part of the oval.

how to draw a girl beautiful girl face

Separating the face into segments will make it simpler to get the extents of the face right later on.

Star by drawing a vertical line through the center of your drawing territory. For this situation it will be tall enough to oblige the stature of the head, neck, and the top piece of the shoulders.

The motivation behind this line is to go about as a guide that helps ensure. The how to draw a beautiful girl for beginners two parts of the head /neck/ shoulders are of moderately even width. Later it can likewise help with separating and situating the facial highlights.

At the highest point of this line draw a circle that will speak to the highest point of the head.

Draw a Eyes Horizontal Line & Eyebrow

Draw the eyes on the top flat line. Young ladies have a wide range of eye shapes, yet for the most part, they’re drawn with bigger and rounder eyes than young men are. Focus the eyes on the flat line so the line goes through the focal point of each eye. Additionally, make the separation between the inward corner of each eye a similar length as one eye. If you somehow managed to draw a third eye between the 2 eyes, it should fit perfectly.

To situate the eyes you can evenly partition the head in two as appeared with the model above. For the “wonderful young lady” character you would then be able to put the eyes somewhat underneath this midpoint. the huge temple will add to the “adorableness”.

how to draw a girl beautiful girl face

Draw an angled eyebrow over each eye. All in all, young ladies’ eyebrows are more slender and more angled than young men’s eyebrows, yet you can mess with the shape and thickness. To draw the eyebrows, start with your pencil marginally over the external corner of one eye and draw a descending bending line that dives down and begins to bend back upward as you draw nearer to the internal corner of the eye. At that point, rehash over the other eye.

To make the eyebrows thicker, daintily go over the lines you drew a couple of times and shade around the curves.

Draw a Lip on the Colour

Draw a Beautiful Girl Face the lips somewhere between the tip of the nose and the jaw. For a regular young lady’s face, you’ll need to make the lips round and full. Beginning with your pencil at the midpoint between the nose and jawline, draw a short, level, upward bend that is focused between the 2 sides of the face, which will be the plunge at the lower part of the upper lip. At that point, draw a somewhat longer upward bend reaching out off each finish of the main bend.

Next, rehash similar advances marginally over the lines you just drew. Interface the closures of these external bends with those from your principal external bends to complete the upper lip. Make a long upward bend that reaches out past where one corner of the mouth would be somewhere between lower part of nose and bottom jaw line for final touch on lower lip. The corners should extend further than nostrils above them when done correctly.

Make the mouth tiny with a slight downwards bend. It’s significant not to draw an over the top bend or the character can get a miserable looking articulation.

Draw a Girl Face with Hand

To make this sketch more feminine, draw the hands at the top of the oval to avoid making them look too large and masculine. The brow should be delicate rather than harsh as it was before you started drawing hair on your girl’s head. Finally go in with pencils once again for long braids that are bigger and longer than just a single strand so they appear fuller.

how to draw a girl beautiful girl face

The anime style is known for its wacky hair. When drawing it, pay attention to the shape of the face in order to make sure that your character’s hairstyle comes out looking on point – not like a mistake! Here are some common mistakes made when illustrating this particular type of cartoon:
1) Drawing too high or too low
2) Leaving gaps between strands
3) Failing to erase parts covered by hair