Learn How to Draw a Horse Face Drawing

If you saw my muscles, they would look like skin covered skeletons. They don’t form a distinct shape of their own; the skeleton is what forms it all and that’s where we’ll be focusing our attention for now!The Learn How to Draw a Horse Face Drawing is one of the most famous drawings in history. It was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci on April 15, 1508. The drawing depicts a horse’s face with some background scenery and facial features that are difficult to make out due to the lack of detail. If you want more information on Learn How to Draw a Horse Face Drawing or any other Learn How to Draw, check out this blog post!

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Grab your marker or pencil as today you will learn how to draw a horse. As with all of our drawing tutorials How To Draw Anime you can grab yourself a printable sheet with all the means.

Exercise is simple and great for kids! Don’t hesitate to print this page and use as a drawing tutorial.

Draw a Sketch of Horse Face

You will be drawing a chest which should look like an oval. This is not the final picture so you do not need to draw it carefully and make the line thick or thin. Here are some fun facts about horses that might surprise you:

Horses can sleep standing, lying down as well as kneeling for short periods of time depending on their breed type (this may take up to 2 hours). Start with the drawing of horse face, use the pencil slightly to shade the eyes and face of horse.

 How to Draw a Horse Face

It’s important to study your subject when you want to draw it. The human brain uses a unique process when we learn to draw directly from life. When people see an image and then try to recreate it, their brains retain the shapes of what they’re drawing without making any assumptions about those details.

I always recommend that beginners start with pencil and paper before moving on to digital tools like Photoshop. If you’ve discovered your reference images, bring them into another Adobe Fresco archive — easily accessible via the Creative Cloud. Each photo can be imported onto your canvas so you can contemplate it as a guide while drawing or painting digitally.

Draw the Head and Ears of Horse

In order to draw a horse, start by drawing two circles that are connected with slanting lines. Then create the hooves using transformed teacup shapes and move these around as needed in order to twist or reposition the legs of your animal.
The front legs of a horse move uniquely when compared to their back counterparts so pay attention closely while observing how they look both moving and standing still for reference purposes. After you have drawn this out, connect them all together through drawing another line from each circle down towards where its eye would be located on its face along with ending it off at an even smaller circular shape beneath those same eyes for detail work.

 How to Draw a Horse Face

Associate the two structures with another line Draw a Horse Face to create the lower part of the eye. Create the sides of the eye draw a Horse face with two lines in drawing

The top of the head is flattened and it has a certain shape horse eye. Draw it, associating eyes and nose with it.

Cut the circle in thirds and draw the mouth line, completing it with round corners. Eyes ought to be marginally jutting, so add bumps behind them.

Draw two circles on the top of the head to create the space for ears. OK, the general shape of the head is finished! We should draw the details now, individually.

Draw a progression of lines that associate the main shapes to frame the horse’s nose. Draw two small triangles nose that look like the letter M on top of the head as aides for the horse’s nose.

The basic structure of your Draw a Horse Face is formed when these main shapes are put together. Regardless of medium drawing, you can now start adding detail to your base. The great advantage of digital art is it allows you to utilize layers to make drawing easier and faster.

Draw a Realistic Horse Step by Step

Diagram the details of the horse head. You don’t have to plot each “muscle” simply make a recommendation that something’s there.

Layout the entire body. If you saw my muscles, they would look like skin covered skeletons. They don’t form a distinct shape of their own; the skeleton is what forms it all and that’s where we’ll be focusing our attention for now! Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for giving volume and measurement to your horse.

By utilizing light pencil drawing strokes to indicate where there are muscles how to draw a horse head for beginners along the neck, chest, hips, and stomach. You might add hair to the mane, forelock, and tail. As work in all areas, I gradually develop to darker strokes.

I return and add my darkest layers to places where there would naturally be shadows—under the jawline and upper part of the front and back legs, and within the legs on its draw horse head contrary side. I keep adding more layers to assemble the contrast between light, mid-tone, and dark shades.

Complete the Drawing by Shading Horse Face

Finish the drawing by making a portion of the lines darker and “shading” the dark parts.

Presently you realize how to draw a horse step by step! In the event that you want to learn more about drawing horses, remember to look at our colossal tutorial on them with advanced anatomy and detailed portrayal of all the gaits.

How to Draw a Horse Face Drawing

To make my drawing as realistic as possible, use contrast between light and dark to portray how the shadows fall on an animal. My darkest areas are in so those will be where the lights is hitting on its body. Sometimes shade over parts of my sketch with a pencil eraser to highlight specific areas before finalizing the drawing. Finally, used black shading for both mane and tail of horse to give it volume at last stage before finishing up completely.


A step by step cartoon style horse drawing tutorial for kids and beginners. This is a great tutorial for youngsters and learners as it will show you how to draw a cartoon-style, very basic yet charming horse. We’ll start with the most simple shapes – an oval or circle for its body, followed by adding curved lines that form three legs of equal lengths sticking out from underneath the main shape.

Then we add some more details such as eyes (or dots), ears on top of head, nose at front end (face) along with swirls depicting tail in motion. After this exercise your white sheet should hold up something like this amazing piece.